Ollie Collins is a lifelong resident of Mississippi County. His public service spans more than 35 years. His track record shows that he is committed to the District 34 community working as the first minority Police Chief in Osceola, Arkansas, being on the Osceola District school board, and many other volunteer activities.


I am a longtime resident of Northeast Arkansas, and Mississippi County. I have been a public servant since my time as a lifeguard with the Osceola Public Pool at the age of fifteen. I went on to work for the Osceola Fire Department for twelve years (1986 – 1998). Also, I worked part-time as a Juvenile Officer (six years) and as a Mississippi County investigator for the Public Defense Office (two years).

In 1998, I started working for the Osceola Police Department (OPD) as a Patrol Officer. In 2000, I began working in the Criminal Investigation Department (CID). In 2002, I was elected to the Osceola School Board, which duties that I perform until this day. Thereafter, I was granted the Officer of the Year award in 2007, promoted to Captain in 2013, and was assigned as the first minority Chief in the history of Osceola in 2017. I have spent my career working in youth development, community service and improvement for over 35 years.

I am committed to the Delta and the notion that our children can receive the best possible education; our economy can thrive with growing business opportunities; and our communities will expand in population and remain safe for all our constituents. With your support, we can continue to drive this growth and implement key programs that promote change. Furthermore, I believe that I am the change that we need in the Capitol. I am a commoner that understands issues at the ground level. Moreover, I am driven by nature to serve the community, as my experience and reputation entails. My supporters are confident that I will continue to do my very best for all people in District 34 if I am elected for the position. Once again, thank you all for your continued support.


Ollie Collins Drop-In Fundraiser at the Small Town Co (Osceola, AR) – August 4, 2022, 5-7 PM